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Arktech Solutions LLC.

Was created in 2001 with the purpose of integrating current technologies to solve the problems generated in the construction environment, design and architecture.

We are specialized in Laser measuring Buildings, developing as-builts floor plans. Using Electronic Distance Meters and propietary CAD software over UltraMobile PCs, we capture all the information on-site. Our system  provides accuracy and time saving process with minimal disruption for the building occupants.   

Our People

Arktech Solutions is a team of experienced as-built surveyors, composed by engineers, architects and CAD designers. We are not the side job weekenders or the one week trainees. We have more than 25 years in combined experience only as an As-built surveyors. 
Our main focus is to bring our product directly to the client.


We are commited to bring the fastest possible response to your request, your project won't be left behind in the busy schedule of a large company. Our goal is to have your project complete from bidding to completion in less than two weeks. We keep it simple and fast.

Our Clients

Small architectural firms, large property management firms, Building Owners, in general anyone that needs a fast turn around As-built survey on their property. We specialize on multi-site surveys programs, but if your need is an small commercial building, we'll be there for you.